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Co-Creating Soulful Retreats

The day we discovered Moose Camp was the day I envisioned peaceful, soulful retreats here.  I can’t quite decide if it’s the quiet, private, no cell phone service location or the over 100 years of history that makes Camp one of a kind.  Very likely it is a combination of the two, along with the amazing souls it seems to attract that gives camp a feel like no where else I’ve ever been.  It has a way of taking a person back to a slower time; a kind of forgotten era.  Moose Camp is less than an hour drive “up the mountain” from the town of Clearwater BC, yet a real true escape from everyday life as most of us know it.  


Our almost 10 acres of tucked away rustic oasis provides exclusive access to 2 lakes, a creek & a forest wonderland to lose yourself or find yourself, whichever way you choose.


We offer all inclusive service; accommodations, meals, boats & hold the space for various talented souls to share their gifts & practices.  The configuration and peacefulness of Camp results in a “We are family” feel; for example, we “ring the dinner bell” and everyone dines together at a table for 14.  Small group sizes & ah-mazing facilitators continue the family feel along with hosts who aim to please.  We love to share camp with the sweet souls that are called to join us, be it guests or facilitators.  Contact us for more details or visit our event page to learn more!


Into the mountains I go!

To lose my mind & find my soul.

I welcome you to come join us!


Julie Bonnamour 
Julie Bonnamour
Moose Camp Aerial View
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