Julie Bonnamour

Forest Therapy Guide

By listening to her soul's calling Julie has manifested her obsession with nature into not only owning a fishing resort but also facilitating healing walks in the surrounding forest.  Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Therapy is her passion and has called to her for as long as she can remember.  A born leader & teacher, Julie loves to share her passion with the many souls called to Camp & the Forest Bathing practice.  “Sharing nature connection in a one-of-a-kind location like Camp really can’t get any better!


"The Forest's presence and energy seep in and connect with you, she works in very crafty ways to pull you into her peace. Helping people slow down & let go enough to feel Mother Nature's Majesticness is pure blissful beauty in my world!"

Julie Bonnamour

Kym Kendall

Reiki Master/ QHHT Practitioner

Kym’s spiritual journey began the day her teen son transitioned by suicide. Since then, Kym has found herself on a new path in this world that involves helping others to heal themselves. Through Reiki and Quantum Healing Hypnosis, clients can experience physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing. Kym enjoys seeing the transformation in the sessions with her clients. 


"The day we all realize that we are ONE with the universe, with each other, and with nature, is the day that we find peace, unconditional love and harmony."


Vix Meyer

Personal Development Workshop Facilitator

One of Vix's greatest blessings in life is to assist others in listening to their own inner guidance.  Looking at our frame of mind & perhaps shifting our perceptions can be a spiritual healing.  She assists & supports individual souls to question their thoughts and their beliefs, as that is what creates our feelings and our realities.


"My true JOY is Personal Development: self approval, communication, healing....We are ALL more than Good Enough! I encourage everyone to love life. Come...."

Vix Meyer

Grace Baker, C.Med.

Chartered Mediator / Conflict Management 
Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide
Certified Gravity Yoga Instructor 

Grace has spent over twenty years helping people solve problems through mediation and conflict management. She has mental health, addictions and personal violence counselling background. One day her niece convinced her to go on a Forest Therapy Walk which she thought would be “hokey”. She loves her niece so she went anyway. However, it turned into a meaningful experience for her. Now she provides opportunities for others to also have meaningful experiences and feel connected to nature, their sense of joy, and others… and you can develop your flexibility at the same time with the gravity yoga 🧘‍♀️ she also teaches!


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