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Julie Bonnamour

Forest Therapy Guide / Camp Host

By listening to her soul's calling Julie has manifested her obsession with nature into not only owning a fishing resort but also facilitating healing walks in the surrounding forest.  Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Therapy is her passion and has called to her for as long as she can remember.  A born leader & teacher, Julie loves to share her passion with the many souls called to Camp & the Forest Bathing practice.  "Sharing nature connection in a one-of-a-kind location like Camp really can’t get any better!"

"The Forest's presence and energy seep in and connect with you, she works in very crafty ways to pull you into her peace. Helping people slow down & let go enough to feel Mother Nature's Majesticness is pure blissful beauty in my world!"



Transformational Life Coach / Author / Reiki Master

Sita started with yoga and meditation as a child and found them to be her lifeline in her adult life challenges. In everything from health to relationships to finances, she has discovered that these practices have saved her many times over. After years of developing and leading transformative workshops, based on the law of attraction and meditation, Sita felt drawn to one on one coaching, so that she could go deeper with her clients, which she’s been doing online for the past decade. Much of her client work is focused on trauma healing (particularly from narcissistic abuse) and its connection to spiritual awakening.

“Remembering who we truly are is about unlearning who we felt we had to be, to feel safe in the world. Our childhood coping behaviours now block us from realizing our true potential. As we gently peel away the masks we’ve learned to wear, the natural Light of our Divine Essence shines through. This is how we heal the world.”

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