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Past Events


Past Events

2021 Sister Soul Summit ~ September 23-26

This event was magical and every sister left feeling amazing, like a positive shift had occurred. Some said the event was life changing! Many plan on returning for future Sister Soul Summits.

Our amazing facilitators: 

~ Julie Bonnamour (Forest Therapy Guide)
~ Kym Kendall (Reiki Master/ QHHT Practitioner)
~ Vix Meyer (Personal Development Workshop Facilitator)
~ Grace Baker, C.Med. (Chartered Mediator / Conflict Management, Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Certified Gravity Yoga Instructor)


2018 Ladies Paint Night ~ July 6-7

A restful overnight stay starting with an afternoon individual Intuitive Tarot Card Reading provided by the lovely Sita Dookeran.

Next, a tasty homecooked dinner followed by an evening of guided painting with Elizabeth Shook, art major & talented local artist.

Paint Night Front.jpeg

2017 Sister Soul Summit ~ May 19-22

Our first ever ladies event in the over 100 years of history up at Moose Camp!  Amazing connections were made and the participants enjoyed various sessions including; 

Human Design with Leann Wolff

~ Tea Leaf Readings with Vanessa Ziegelgansberger

~ Guided meditations and The Work of Byron Katie with Shelyn Somani 

~ Body Ascension Breath & Integrated Intuitive Healing with Marianne Johnson 

2017 Sister Soul Summit Participants & Facilitators
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