Past Events

2018 Ladies Paint Night and Fall Summit 2018

Ladies Paint Night - Come unwind in the company of other amazing women while you're all guided to paint a select image. Plus - enjoy an enlightening card reading from a highly experienced intuitive. This event will be one to remember as you immerse yourself in mother nature here at Moose Camp.

Fall Summit 2018 - Forest Therapy, Guided Meditations, Intuitive Guidance, Journaling, Body/mind work, Mirror work & more! Join 3 ah-mazing facilitators with over 2 decades of combined experience in single-handedly facilitating workshops & being amazing Spirit Life Coaches!

2017 Sister Soul Summit

Marianne Johnson

Marianne is a joyful empathic soul guide & spiritual practitioner whose purpose is to help raise the vibration in others and on earth. She was a massage therapist for over 10 years and has evolved into the holistic side of health connecting the energetic pathways of high vibration with Body Ascension Breath & Integrative Intuitive Healing. As an Intuitive, she connects with your higher self “soul” and helps you to process, align &/or work on any limiting beliefs, emotional and pain trauma residue held in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual structures of the physical and energetic bodies. Using her intuition, subconscious re-patterning, affirmations, oracle cards, chakra/energy balancing, past life, guides, meditation, yoga & breath.Marianne will teach you what your true soul “higher self-essence” IS and how to know you are in it. She believes we all are intuitive and have amazing gifts and can heal, do and create anything.

Mary’s Waves

Marianne Johnson

Vanessa Ziegelgansberger

Vanessa resides in Grande Prairie, AB and works as the Wellness Coordinator with a local youth program where she teaches spiritual awareness. Vanessa also run a private practice where she offers intuitive healing sessions, astrological chart readings, chakra balancing, quantum touch and tea leaf readings.The first and latter of the list is where her focus will be for this exciting weekend. Her primary focus will be tea leaves; however, Vanessa's found that one modality rarely exists without the other. So come on out and let's let our souls take a journey together!

Feel Your Life Walk Barefoot

Vanessa Ziegelgansberger

Leann Wolff

Leann Wolff is a Human Design Analyst and Workshop Facilitator.  Human Design bumped into her in 2013 and she has studied and applied its teachings to her life.  As she experiments with this Science the self-reflected consciousness brings a life of satisfaction.I will be bringing this Science to the Sisters Soul Summit. The Human Design System first and foremost was implanted on Earth to bring our Authority and Decision Making process within. The benefit of using the system is a life with less resistance; Living a Unique Differentiated life allows for our Strengths to operate efficiently and our Weaknesses to provide pure wisdom to the life. I will be introducing the Sisters to this system and providing a new navigation tool to live the Uniqueness through.

Power of Self

Leann Wolff

Dr. Shelyn Somani, MD
Dr. Shelyn Somani is a western trained MD who is a strong proponent of mind-body medicine.  She is passionate about working with the mind and emotions to heal the body.  She is a certified meditation teacher, and experienced facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and offers a variety of other tools to help people more deeply discover their True Nature.

Shelyn Somani

Dr. Shelyn Somani, MD
2017 Sister Soul Summit Tote
2017 Sister Soul Summit Participants & Facilitators
Crystals Charging on a Rock at the 2017 Sister Soul Summit

Sister Soul Summit


Rioux Lake, Clearwater, BC

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